Drop In Price (Max of 3 Hours)

$6—Session from 3pm to 6pm weekdays (Monday-Friday)
$8—Session from 6pm to 10pm weekdays (Monday-Friday)
$8—Session from 10am to 10pm (Saturday/Holiday)
$8—Session from 10am to 9pm (Sunday)


Weekly 2-Night Pass


Plan A——Monday and Thursday  (6-10pm)

Plan B ——Tuesday and Friday  (6-10pm)

Plan C ——Wednesday and Saturday  (6-10pm)

Weekly 3-Night Pass


Plan A——Monday, Wednesday and Friday (6-10pm)

Plan B——Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (6-10pm)

Weekday Daytime Pass

——$20/month (minimum 6 months purchase/no holidays included)

——Open to 6 pm (Monday-Friday)

(No membership extensions or suspensions allowed)

Monthly Daytime Pass

——$30/month——Monday-Friday (open to 6 pm)(no holidays included)

Monthly All Day Pass (Unlimited)


——$135/3 months

——$255/6 months

——$480/12 months


 – Badminton shoes (with gum rubber soles) are mandatory with no exceptions.
 – Tax at 13% HST will be applied on total price.
 – Membership fees must be prepaid in full and are non-refundable.
 – Cheques must be made payable to “Lions Badminton Training Center Ltd.” Post-dated cheques will not be accepted.
 – Protective eye wear is highly recommended.
– Lions Badminton reserves the right to adjust any and all prices and details.
 – Lions’ Badminton reserves the right to change policies without prior notice.